Roitman Design specializes in design and branding.

What does that mean?
We  begin a design process for the project which culminates in a new design vernacular.
How do you build a design vernacular?
We decipher the client’s needs, locate the items’ DNA so that we can identify the design personality (the advantages, disadvantages, mystique…)
we subject all of these to our industrial strength food processor. Give or take a few days and nights and we will be able to present an object with a coherent design language, sharp, memorable and unique.
So what do we actually do?
Advertising, catalogs, collateral, logo design, posters, books, annual reports, web sites, image manipulation, signage, stamp design, packaging and of course artistic direction.
What else?
When we take on a new job we lead the project in the full sense of the word, directing the imagery with the photographer, print production, buying media as well as copy-writing services and creative consultations.
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